The majority of Mozambicans live on less than $1.25 per day. Over half of the population still lives below the poverty line. In this area of the world, not having access to clean water and the prevalence of diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cholera, and malaria has decreased the average lifespan to just 55 years. Furthermore, due to the lack of infrastructure, sewage systems have not functioned properly for decades. During the rainy season, the sewage systems frequently contaminate available clean water sources, making cholera rampant.   In 2003, Advance began working in Mozambique through our partnership with NGUNI, a local NGO that shares our same mission to improve the health of local families in a sustainable way. Today, Advance supports and uplifts Mozambican families through access to clean water, improved nutrition, and HIV/AIDS support. Our public health programs include:
  • Improving water systems to increase access to water and elevate sanitation
  • Training families how to plant family gardens that improve access to nutritious food
  • Providing HIV/AIDS testing, medication, and psychological support
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